Thursday, October 31, 2013

MUSIC PROMOTION : Let The Phoenix Fly (new release) by Phoenix J

Musician Phoenix J (pictured above) has released a new album called "Let The Phoenix Fly", on October 14th this month! To listen to samples and buy it, simply click the link by the promotional brochure below.

Phoenix describes her style as improvised jazzy bluesy pop, rock, R&B and classical styles on songs from oldies to present day which she performs accompanied by piano or guitar which she plays herself.

An album beautifully made by the talented Phoenix J!

Phoenix also will have a concert November 7th at Mondo's and again on December 5th same time
For more info ,please read the brochure below!

Please enjoy the album and congrats Phoenix J, a long time friend of ours at OI Magazine SL!
Also since it's October 31st, Happy Halloween everyone.

Check out 2 beautiful pictures done by OI Magazine SL photographer Kaley Fancypants of our client Phoenix J's avatar in the Second Life virtual world game, thank you Kaley! :